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We develop Internet applications using mainly Microsoft asp.NET and PHP. In case of the latter we use, among other things, Codeigniter, PHP Slim, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon. Our main programming tools are MS Visual Studio and PhpStorm. Our user interfaces make use of HTML5 and CSS3. We take advantage of ready-made HTML/CSS frameworks such as bootstrap. We use JavaScript together with the auxiliary libraries such as jQuery and Angular, following the MVC pattern. AJAX and Json technologies are used for communication with a server. We create a responsive front-end so the applications run properly on computers and mobile devices. We design efficient SQL databases, optimize queries and improve the efficiency of the databases. We handle the following database servers: MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL. We also apply the ORM technologies (Object-Relational Mapping) for mapping the object architecture of a system on to the relational structure of a database (e.g. nHibernate, Entity Framework). Galactica specializes in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS systems. We create custom business applications in accordance with customers’ requirements and specifications. We also build startup projects for investors and individuals with interesting ideas.

Galactica has almost 15 years of experience in designing and programming various applications and Internet systems. Within this time we have created over 300 different applications and advanced systems as well as about 1000 websites. We have assisted more than 2000 customers. Within our outsourcing activity, we have been creating systems for the companies such as: TESCO (solution for recruitment), UPC (sales systems), PESA (support for quality processes and competency assessment), PKP (sales of properties), EATON (management of infrastructure and competencies), MONDI (support for processes), VENEZIA (purchasing system) an many others. You are very welcome to contact us and use our services. We offer attractive prices, flexible settlements and short lead time.

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  • Partner with us

    We start cooperation quickly. We can take over your project management, but we can also work with your Project Manager. To ensure your safety and guarantee the progress of work, we are flexible in terms of payment. At every stage of cooperation, we assess the satisfaction, profitability and the security level of deadlines. We flexibly adjust the team to optimally use the funds allocated to the project. We attach importance to the customer satisfaction because we count on long-term cooperation. Offering very competitive rates, we are very effective and successful.
  • Design

    Appropriately selected IT solutions are one of the foundations of a well-functioning enterprise.
    Depending on the needs in the design of future software, we formulate the best strategy. First, we define the goals and analyze the processes, at the same time we examine the current solutions used in your company. Then we develop the functional specification of the database structure and the object model. Next, we design the solutions: the back-end part (future system architecture) and the front-end one (graphic creation and usability). We choose the appropriate and modern technology and we define and discuss the demand for the required hardware infrastructure.
  • Implementation

    Implementation of the system is a key element associated with the purchase of the software for the company's needs. At the same time, it is a very critical element whose possible failure determines a unsuccessful investment. Galactica pays special attention to the system implementation process, putting every effort to ensure that the prepared solution effectively supports the client's activity. The experience and flexibility of Galactica’s specialists allow for an individual adjustment of the implementation process to the client's needs, specifications, personnel’s disposition, time constraint and the state of their IT infrastructure.
  • Training

    As part of the implementation and post-implementation services, Galactica conducts instructional training in the operation of the systems. Great teaching skills and rich experience result from hundreds of trainings. This guarantees a high quality and substantive level of the didactic process. We prepare training materials, instructions, videos, presentations, etc. We usually train leaders, but providing the training for all users of the created system is not a problem for us if needed. Our training involves the lecture in form of a presentation followed by a workshop (with computers).
  • Maintenance

    The software created by Galactica is serviced both during the warranty period and after its expiry, as part of the service contract. We approach the maintenance process flexibly, so its scope is adapted to the customer's needs. We make sure the system runs properly, we process service requests, support users in the field of service, develop systems, adapt them to changes in the organization, carry out updates. We offer a remote service and also the one that is carried out at the customer's office.

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